Grupo ECTC Real State Investment

Grupo ECTC Real State Investment

Grupo ECTC Real Estate Investment is a firm specialised in the real estate, hotel, tourism and energy markets. The company was founded in 1991 by Luís Díaz. In 2009, Luis decided to strengthen its hospitality division by bringing in two specialists in their respective fields: Javier Torres and Ivar Yuste.

ECTC combines in a unique way its expert vision of the capital markets with a deep understanding of the hospitality and real estate sector fundamentals. We carry out transactions and deploy operations that go beyond mere consulting or advice assignments.

Our goal is to offer our clients a tailor-made service by assisting them in the optimisation of the asset management in the most efficient and pragmatic way.

In the areas of hospitality, and commercial and industrial real estate, our scope of action includes the feasibility analysis of the assets, the sourcing of equity and financing, and the management of the hotel properties or commercial and industrial assets.

Some of our clients include listed companies, multinationals with presence in Spain, real estate groups, investment companies, hotel chains and family businesses. Also our group is formed by the GRUPO ECTC, the holding company, and by KSA Sistemas y Alzados, amongst other companies.

Our geographical reach at ECTC has been originally Spain and Europe. Later on however, we have expanded together with our clients to Middle East and North Africa, United States and Latam. We currently operate in all of those regions.